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The Sacred

A podcast about the things we hold sacred, and how to talk to people different from ourselves.

Guvna B on toxic masculinity and not fitting into boxes

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Guvna B is a multi MOBO award-winning rapper, hip hop artist and author. He’s presented TV and radio documentaries for BBC, is a Sky Sports pundit and his most recent book is ‘Unspoken: Toxic Masculinity and How I Faced the Man Within the Man.’

In this episode he speaks about how his childhood as a first-generation immigrant on a council estate has shaped him, how he’s thought about his creativity and navigated different tribes with his music, how he needs space to process his emotions, the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’, and the conditions needed for young people to flourish.


by CC on
Another great episode ...I always find things to take away from these interviews. At a time when (in the name of freedom of speech?) people are only too keen to trample on the'sacred' of another rather than take time to listen, this podcast is refreshing.Thank you! If we all took a little more space (one of Guvna B's sacred values) perhaps we could all learn to be less reactive and more considered in our responses to views different from our own. We then might escape from binary arguments which lead to a combative mindset.

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